Bring more power to your business for a personal and
professional cleaning!

A tradition of quality cleaning, fast order with fast delivery, automate your billings with tagging on garments, separately! Stay ahead from the
problems with our complete business management solutions. Best laundry POS for your business.

E-Laundry increases 35% revenue in your Laundry business!

Experience the new level of laundry! Focus in business

Are you getting stuck in store management? Are you getting stuck in managing business?
These things can takes your focus away from growing your business. So, let’s take your business on autopilot with complete solutions & customer management.

Acquire and retain 57% more customers!

Provided better customer experience through digital payments and communicating with your customers via SMS Or E-mail notification. We will make them feel special by recording their preferences even when you’re not around.

You can inflate your business up to 40% with home pickup and order delivery!

We can yield store like experience at customer’s doorsteps with  POS, having application for your drivers with complete Google navigation, by order generation and Via Digital payments.


Let's get rid Of garments loss & garments mismatch with end-to-end order and updated garment tracking.

No more chances of garment loss in and out outside your store. Barcode enabled tagging make sure that which garment or order is ordered st which stage of processing in just a single click.



You can even know what is happening in your store anytime!

No worries about thefts or other unnatural losses in your dry cleaning business. Extensive user controls and reporting make sure that your business is in your control, even if you’re not there at the moment.


A makeover of your laundry!

 through our application. Make your products visibility with quality application and website. You can personalize your website according to your needs, budgets and assets.