Manage all your stores, plants, staff and services under one roof!

Take advantage of multi-store features to accelerate your business, increase your productivity and elevate your profits.

Take privilege of our multi-store benefits!

Connected plant with multi store or franchise

If you run a central cleaning facility, we provide a plant mode feature in the software, where staff at the plant can manage order from multi stores.

Customer Testimonials

I have been using E laundry solution. Their customer support is superb and great software and apps. I would recommend this billing system to anyone who wants to use on their laundry and dry cleaning business in India.

Alok Sharma

This Elaundry software encompasses every aspect of the dry cleaning and laundering business. It is manageable from customer walk in to racking and pick up and pay. Their reporting function is very detail. I love that I can track new customers, existing customers, and customer ranking, daily activities in terms of picks up and drop off.

Megha uppal

Every time I need help I get it right away, their tech support team is exceptional and that brings me peace of mind, for my business is always in good hands. Thanks Elaundry Solution….

Rahul Bhatia

Excellent software for laundry and dry cleaning ….. professional customer care services all the best …..e laundry

Ranjith Kumar

Overview your business statistics for all your stores in one place.

If you run multiple stores, we are providing you with an overview page where all key statistics are available and you can view it!

Grow your business with linked customer and product database.

You will have the option to link database between multi stores which can Allow you to quickly update prices across stores and make sure your stores have details of every customer.

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