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Customer Testimonials

I have been using E laundry solution. Their customer support is superb and great software and apps. I would recommend this billing system to anyone who wants to use on their laundry and dry cleaning business in India.

Alok Sharma

This Elaundry software encompasses every aspect of the dry cleaning and laundering business. It is manageable from customer walk in to racking and pick up and pay. Their reporting function is very detail. I love that I can track new customers, existing customers, and customer ranking, daily activities in terms of picks up and drop off.

Megha uppal

Every time I need help I get it right away, their tech support team is exceptional and that brings me peace of mind, for my business is always in good hands. Thanks Elaundry Solution….

Rahul Bhatia

Excellent software for laundry and dry cleaning ….. professional customer care services all the best …..e laundry

Ranjith Kumar

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ELaundry Solutions


What is E-Laundry?

E-Laundry is End-to-End Solution for Laundry & Dry-cleaning industry. The Platform manages Laundry & Dry-Cleaning operations like Booking, Delivery, and Home Pickup & Delivery.

Can Customer Book Orders with E-Laundry?

Yes, Connected Customer Mobile Application for Order Booking & also Live Tracking of orders available. Customers can easily generate pick-up requests directly from this integrated Application.

Is it the Inventory System of Garments & managing the garment tracking?

Yes, the Factory/ Warehouse Model will track each & every garment processing, segregation, Delivery, Delay, and many more. It is a full Inventory Model integrated with the Stores.

How E-Laundry can help to manage day-to-day operations?

Yes, With E-Laundry, Easy to manage the Customer orders & timely reminders for delivery. The dashboard will give you proper information about Store Bookings, Delivery & Live Orders.

Can Customer get Notifications of Bookings and Delivery Status?

Yes, Customers will get notifications through SMS, E-Mail, and WhatsApp for all transactions like Invoices, Bookings, Deliveries, Payments, Cancellation, and delays of their orders.

Can we track Sales & Expenses?

Yes, All Reports are available in the System for Live tracking of Sales and Expenses. You can easily check Daily, Weekly, Monthly Sales and Collection, Expenses, Revenue, and much more.

Can the Owner Control the System?

Yes, E-laundry Admin can give the required access of Stores for further uses. Owners can also access/deny access to Sales Report Download option to the Stores as per their requirements.

Is E-Laundry capable to handle multiple Stores?

Yes, it can to manage multiple Stores. There is also the facility to assign different Price List on all Stores if you are managing multiple Stores. Also full tracking of each Store from Admin.

Can We Create and Print the Tags and Invoice in E-Laundry System?

Yes, Auto-generated Tags and Invoice is available in E-Laundry System. You can easily print the tags to attach to garments also you can print Main and Mini Invoice for the records.

Can we get the Om time Support?

Yes, all training support is available with the E-Laundry direct Support desk through Call, WhatsApp & Email. Also, an option of live chat help option is available in the E-Laundry System as support.