What is Laundry Management Software For Your Business?

Own a laundry business & do all the processes manually? You are doing a lot of work, relax yourself a little bit & focus on business, our software will take care of the rest. Our Laundry software is specifically designed to automate the laundry process. It stores the customer information along with the garment details. It manages delivery details & generates a pay slip. The objective of laundry management is to overcome the challenges of laundry firms by establishing an automated environment for laundry operations. This includes taking orders, maintaining records, scheduling delivery & pickup, and managing payment. The goal of dry cleaning app is to increase operational efficiency, lower cost, improve productivity, and effectively manage data throughout the system.

This is what E-Laundry software does to help your business. The laundry & dry cleaning software enables businesses to manage day-to-day operations, orders, processes, billing, and delivery management in an automated environment. An on-demand mobile app can do wonders for your laundry business. Designed to work for three different types of users—laundry services, dry cleaners, and pickup and delivery agents/drivers—users can track orders, booking, and other processes in real-time. You can send push notifications to your staff and clients, and let customers schedule pickup and drop-off of their laundry. E-Laundry software is a fully-featured Laundry Management Software designed to serve Enterprises and SMEs. This online Laundry Management system offers Bar-coded Garments, Customer Accounts, Email Marketing, Employee Management, and Point of Sale (POS) in one place. E-Laundry Software is revolutionary POS software for dry cleaners and laundry services that works with any computer, tablet, or Smartphone. E-Laundry management software aims at simplifying and automating the day-to-day operations of the laundry and dry cleaning business. From garment pick up via the app, labelling clothes with barcode, processing garments in the factory, laundry POS, to delivery at customers’ doorsteps; this LMS covers everything whether you are running a single outlet or multi-store laundry business.

This integrated and comprehensive laundry & dry cleaning software can be used by dry cleaners, laundry business owners, customers, and delivery-pick agents. OMRA Solutions has designed and developed dry cleaning software for two leading laundry service providers. Laundry firms and dry cleaners currently use a manual system that ultimately leads to inconsistency, delayed deliveries, customer dissatisfaction, and improper data management. The proposed system seeks to address challenges in existing software for the dry cleaning business in a more convenient, timely, and efficient manner.

How Does It Work?

Enable your customers to place their laundry orders on the go. They can add their addresses and select their preferred pickup and drop-off times. Customers can choose their type of laundry service, add the number of clothes, along with special instructions like detergent and wash preferences, and so on.

Manage order processing so you can present customers with a clear picture of the status of their orders. Set automatic notifications for both customers and pickup companies. Customers can also access and prioritize pickup- and delivery-related details, which helps them, make arrangements to pick up their laundry, in case of sudden emergencies.

Manage and record all customer payments made by card or cash. The customer can select their laundry preferences, like washing, ironing or dry cleaning, and an invoice can be generated for all services rendered.

On-demand laundry service requires an administrative application that combines customer, delivery, and laundry management, for a smooth user experience. Perform user management by creating customer and staff profiles that include personal data. Choose the type of service and add details—material, kind of clothes, detergent preferences, and more.

Manage incoming orders and deliveries on your app’s customizable dashboard. Use the customer portal feature and provide your customers with a personalized login and access details relevant to them. Get an on-demand mobile app with calendars and reminders to help schedule tasks more easily.

E-Laundry is completely customizable software that has customizable dashboards and features in it. It’s not just an app – it’s a platform! Our productive solutions have been embraced by laundry operations across multiple industries – from SMEs to renowned brands.

E-Laundry software is the most complete dry-cleaning management software with all functionality and ease of use. Dry-Cleaning System can be obtained as web-based software for a small operation or be deployed across an enterprise network for companies with multiple stores with the same ease. This Dry cleaning app is fully integrated Point Of Sale software for people in the dry-cleaning business. This software completely simplifies the management operations of laundries by serving many renowned organizations and many individuals as well.

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