For a dry cleaning unit, there are a large number of customers with a mix of regular and non-regular ones. Generally speaking, if a person is satisfied by the services of a neighborhood dry cleaning shop, there exists a little chance for him/her to move away and look for another one. Thus, it becomes imperative for the business to keep the customer satisfied for the continuous business. Always remember:

“Customer satisfaction is worthless. Customer loyalty is priceless.”

One of the top priorities of any business is to maximize the customer satisfaction. You can switch to laundry management app if you are still working with manual billings. Thus, you need a smart laundry business management. Here are few tips that can be used in dry cleaning and Laundry industry to improve the customer satisfaction.

Sometimes customers themselves come to drop cloths and they tell you about their likes and dislikes, some customers may prefer hard starch as against others who prefer light starch or no starch at all, or someone may desire flat pressing on pleat fewer trousers. But, many times, when some family member or domestic help comes to drop clothes they will not tell you these minute preferences on someone else’s behalf. Take initiative, and note down all such things on the first instance when the customer shares with you.

Customers are human, and they like when they are made to feel important. Take every opportunity to remind them that you care. Send them birthday and anniversary mailers, SMSs, and Emails and build relationships.

One of the most common mistakes that happen in the dry cleaning industry and which irritates any customer the most is wrong deliveries or missing cloth. Use some kind of tracking mechanism at every check points to ensure that you are delivering the right piece of cloth to the right customer.

Do not delay the delivery of the cloths and if delay happens then make sure that you inform them about the delays — do not make them come again and again to pick up cloths, instead keep them updated through SMS notifications.

Make commitments only when you are sure that you can do the job within time and deliver the required quality. Make the delivery dates clear and also whether or not a stain could be removed from the cloth.

Do not give printed invoices to all your customers instead use SMS and email facilities to send invoice to your customers. Save paper and trees, show your customers that you care about the environment and make them a part of this good deed.

Some customers might genuinely miss out on the receipts when they come for the pickup of clothes. Yes, it is a good habit to promote that customers always bring along the receipt for acknowledging the delivery but ultimately in any service industry customer is the king so there has to be some mechanism to ease out this process.

We always like discounts on whatever we purchase. Keep track of which offer is moving fast and plan your next scheme based on the behavior patterns of the customers. Customers will think about you as an innovative business and will feel excited to connect with you.

Show them that you are professional by using computer-generated receipts, replace manual tags with bar-coded tags, use proper packaging, ensure that there are no wrong deliveries by using bar code scanners, send them Emails of their invoice ticket, send them SMS when clothes are ready or in case there is some delay in the delivery of cloths. Always try to make the procedure easier with the laundry management app.

Try to give them personalized service. Remember their preferences and deliver as they want, like suits on hangers, etc.

You will the best dry-cleaning app to avail all these services. This Laundry software offers various mechanisms to improve the Customer Communication as well like SMS and Email. Whenever customer drop clothes for dry cleaning (or some other treatment), an SMS is sent to his/her mobile number as soon as the order is punched into the system and a copy of the invoice ticket is sent through email. This feature keeps the customers, who instead of coming by themselves send their domestic help, updated about the transaction. Similarly, as soon as the order gets ready, an automated SMS is fired by the system informing the customer that the order is ready and they can pick it up as per their convenience. Similarly, if there is a delay in the process, inform the customer beforehand by either calling them up or sending an SMS. E-Laundry Software also enables SMS to be sent to customers after a couple of days of the service, to thank the customer for giving a chance of service, and to remind them to come over next time. Hereby, laundry business management can be smart point where you can win various hearts. The E-Laundry software is the best laundry management app through which you can manage your whole business. Customers are the backbone of any business. And thus customer satisfaction becomes the single most important factor for any commercial establishment. Hope, E-Laundry Software helps you in becoming the best dry cleaning app.

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