Laundry and dry-cleaning industry have seen a drastic change in the past few years. There has been a major shift in the industry from traditional way to digital way of doing business.

Every one want to earn a stable income from their businesses but you can only do it if other things are stable. Actually, stability comes from right selection. When I say right selection, a mean choosing stable and best products from the market.

To start a laundry or a dry-cleaning business you need

Today we will talk about Right software. Software is the back bone of the laundry and dry-cleaning industry because its make slandered operational procedure easy and compulsory to follow. You now don’t have to rely on persons. No matter how many times your staff change your quality and procedures remain the same and that is actually the right way of doing the business.

Software is the main connector between the customer and the process. Let me explain you a customer gives an order through Mobile application. The order is then received on the POS system and then it is assigned to the rider through rider application. The order is pic up and processed. Now it will again assign to the rider and he will deliver and collect bill online. So easy isn’t it.

Always remember great business were built on great software.

Himanshu Sehrawat
Chief Marketing Officer
(Caprodo Drycleaners)

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