In December 2019, when Coronavirus started spreading around the world and forcing the world to shut down, the Laundry and dry-cleaning industry had to pay a major toll. There was a very big impact of Corona-virus on Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Businesses.

The threat of COVID-19 likely to go away very soon. In fact, public health experts have been warning the public to expect a Third wave. It’s important to have vigilance about protecting yourself and others. Part of Laundry services include following laundry safety protocols. You can get started by learning about how COVID affects laundromats and how you can safely do your laundry.

No Launderer or business admin ever thought of this huge problem and the dry-cleaning business was mostly inflation-free before Covid-19 was around the world.

As Laundry industry is completely related to the hygiene industry, one can think of growth in these businesses. But how can an admin grow their business itself? As, people are staying at their home and not giving their clothes for laundry? But due to many problems, many dry cleaning and laundry businesses shut down their operations amid pandemic Novel CoronaVirus. But there were some launderers who were still able to bear the losses out of the pandemic.

If your business was one of them, then congratulations, you have gone through a major Problem of time, happily!

As we always write that each coin has two sides.

Covid-19 might come with huge problems, but it also gave many opportunities for growing our business and adopting the changes in the industry.

After the lockdown of COVID-19, when businesses started opening after the lockdown, the competition was not for the highest profit or brand presence, it was about survival. Now, one year has passed after the beginning of this pandemic and vaccinations are in process, this is time for dry cleaning businesses to execute business strategies and revamp their growth.

We are here with a Single solution, “E-Laundry” for managing your business, digitally. You will be able to manage all your Factory/Plant/warehouse through a single smart software tool! 

How can we be sure about the population’s wellness and fight the virus thanks to a laundry service?
Firstly, there must be a record throughout the laundry process and the resulting hygiene.

This was the case in many countries of Europe within the healthcare sectors thanks to the RABC standards implementation. Moreover, this must be implemented to every country and stop being healthcare exclusive.

Different sectors can benefit from the hygiene process where soiled linen is carefully collected, sorted by category, and identified by coloured bags from the resident’s room to the laundry. The RABC standard (Risk Analysis Biocontamination Control) imposes a “walk forward” process that ensures physical separation of soiled and clean laundry rooms, minimizing any cross contamination.

This allows the washing, dry and finishing process up to packing without crossing linen/items and minimum handling, including specific wash programs with sanitization, specific chemicals, and traceability.

Moreover, for staff’s hygiene we normalize hand washing protocol and minimum handling of linen to deliver back to the patient/resident’s room.

What did the pandemic teach Primus?
In terms of what our customers and partners need, I think that more than ever, we have demonstrated the accessibility and reliability of the support in any condition. Being a global company has helped a lot in such a crisis, and local support has also been fundamental. Because we have factories all over the world, we can deliver parts everywhere fast, we have stocks and can always keep a factory running to meet our customer’s needs.

This has always been part of Alliance commitment to its customers and in this crisis, it has proven to be the right direction to go. “Laundry is all we do”  But,

1)  SANITATION IS MUST AT YOUR STORES!Make sure your store is super clean and keep it sanitized at all times. Customers are taking more care of cleanliness and dry cleaning, as a business is for their cleanliness and hygiene only.

2)      TRY TO MAKE ALL THE PAYMENTS, DIGITALLY! Try to Focus more on Digital Payments. After making most of the payments through digital medium channels, people are becoming very conscious of making payments in cash.

3)  TRY TO FOCUS ON DIGITALIZATION! With the E-Laundry Application and Web-based services you can even loom the world after the pandemic.

4)      TRY TO MAKE MORE FOCUS ON DIGITAL MARKETING! For marketing your business, with digitalization becoming the trend in 2021, it is most important to adapt to the needs of the changing working surroundings.

5)  TRY TO SCHEDULE TO ATTEND ONLINE WEBINARS AND EVENTS! Which are related to the dry cleaning and laundry industry. There is no better way to stay informed about the market changes than to stay connected with other professionals like you.

6)  Now, the COVID pandemic has shown us how things can get worse, it is important to be prepared for this kind of inflation at all times. And the only way to be prepared for such inflation is by growing the business.

1)      We are Conducting webinars to make our customers aware of this situation during the lockdown and help them in every possible way to keep their business alive.

2)    E-Laundry is also trying to help Laundry and dry-cleaning businesses in marketing their business better for getting more customers after opening up of lockdown.

3)    E-Laundry is also helping our customers in sorting out the transactional data thus helping them recover money from all their customers during the lockdown.

Always make sure that Things can get bad but not worse. A business admin that sees a problem, faces it and finds its solution before it destroys the business, is the one who will stay in the long run. So, don’t let this pandemic ruin your chances of growth.

Always make sure, change your services as per customer needs, before the customer changes you….!

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